We’re not in close touch, but I’m sure she’d love to hear from you

sometimes it is worthwhile to make trivial compromises in order to make someone happy

Being able to act as if you can hear and see what is going on – even when you cannot – is a basic life skill

The implication that you initially missed the mistake will remove the sting

Journalists count on your feeling too awkward not to fill the silence following the question

However compliments are phrased, they should be accepted – not analyzed until they are no longer pleasant

Bullying people for doing the right thing is an unfortunately common defensive ploy

To issue a fourth invitation to someone who has declined three previous ones is considered social persecution

Never yet has someone humiliated by a stranger conceded being in the wrong and begun a life of reform

You will be relieved to hear that you need not iron the tablecloth while it is on the table, which would be hard on the wood. Miss Manners directs you to your nearest gallery of Renaissance art

Miss Manners