It is like the old question, is it better to love or be loved? Because it isn’t a toss-up. There is a right answer there, and it isn’t even close, though most people seem to get it wrong

Newton liked to hide his math, for whatever reason

Fusion only seems to be over-unity since we measure the huge energy coming out of the Sun and ignore the huge energy coming in

the very act of assigning a number to a variable makes it a distance

We have to get past the idea that all forms of government have been tried and that we are locked in to what we have as the best possible … Civilization is in its infancy

Natural philosophy is not pure math, it is physics

when I tell people that my new calculus is based on a constant differential instead of a diminishing differential, they look at me like I just started speaking Japanese with a Dutch accent

She gives us full equations from Bernoulli and Euler, obviously to soften us up with some math she thinks we won’t understand

You don’t get help by going to rich and famous people for advice. Nor do you get it by trying to hex the gods with some spell

the basic equation of differential calculus falls out of simple number relationships like an apple falls from a tree

Miles Mathis