The worst of social culprits – a bore

The logically formal reasoner is generally a bad persuader

men are supposed to succeed in life by dead knowledge, or by acquaintance with business

the one thing absolutely essential to the education of a lady is that she should talk agreeably at meals

Hereditary virtues have not been created with less labour than any other virtues

refraining from too many questions or too much argument upon any single subject … The instant the company has grasped your idea, you should pass to something else

Irony: deliberate mental stammering

To the modern reader, they [Platonic dialogues] cease to be such as soon as they become serious, and I may even venture to say that in any modern society they would justly be voted tedious

more refined, though not more cultivated

But the moment you find the points of difference too strongly accentuated, the moment you perceive the dissatisfaction which is so common in people who are losing ground