One of the common symptoms of the over-educated, ineffective personality is an interest in psychology or the reading of books which he believes represent psychology

The hours, the discipline, and the pressure of the work done in schools, represent often a vacation from life rather than a preparation for life

The worship of formal education is one of the outstanding phenomena of American history … formal education above the grade school does little or nothing to improve personality or character

The educational system, by its very nature, tends to discourage the development of specific forms of superiority. It tends to flatten out people’s aptitudes rather than to cultivate them

Too often to be a coincidence, in my experience, individuals who have failed to achieve social mastery in their own environment want to become social workers

The process of developing an effective personality is the process of acquiring extrovert habits

Even in ihe high schools and grade schools, superiority or greater effort in a few directions could be made a condition

Henry C Link