Jeff Schmidt

all tests of technical knowledge … are at the same time tests of attitude … The qualifying attitude, I find, is an uncritical, subordinate one

clinical psychology … practices conservative social action disguised as medical treatment

if the work of a particular occupation is in part creative … preparing and qualifying for that occupation will include a major ideological component involving years of postsecondary schooling

The mental health professional is someone that … an employer can trust to move confused people away from struggle with social norms and authority

Professionals are liberal on distant social issues

The preparation process develops, and the qualification process measures, the student’s willingness and ability to accept ideological direction from future employers

The professional is one who can be trusted to extrapolate to new situations the ideology inherent in the official school curriculum

professionals tend to be what might be called “book review” critical, which is intellectually and politically safe

university scientists adjust their curiosities for their funders

the spirit of the law is to defend the status quo