the disastrous legacy of New Criticism has been that by emphasizing technique of composition over content, it has trivialized ancient literature

The naive believe scholars argue from the facts available to them. Rather I have come to believe each scholar imposes on the evidence his own preconceived opinion

The anti-Socratic, romantic notion that a poet understands Sophocles better than a scholar is unproven, perverse, and dangerous. Translations that survive are translations by scholars

Mommsen preferred Diels to Wilamowitz for the post … saw that Wilamowitz lacked the patience and the tact to edit such a journal

His enthusiasm is contagious, his generosity a delight … Fourteen men at least he [B Knox] calls brilliant

She calls the Gallic carrum a “Latin word.” Yes, if she calls spaghetti English

He [Momigliano] would be the unique example in the modern history of classical scholarship of a great male scholar taught by women

I continue to learn a great deal from his [Momigliano’s] essays on subjects I do not know about. On subjects I control I find errors in detail and intelligent hypotheses that do not fit the evidence

One of the sins of Friedrich Ritschl … was that he turned students from authors who could change their lives to authors where there were problems

William M Calder III