The educational system depended, for the serious, primarily on private reading, and what you read was not snippets, but whole cases, and whole books, and a small number of whole articles

Their initial reaction was the same as that of current law and economics devotees when they are confronted with radical criticism to which they can think of no response

Since they had to pretend to study something, they were commonly dumped in the law school

Both the Soviet Union and the United States of America were unwilling to make any surrender of sovereignty in the cause of human rights; human rights were for export only

the deeply anti-intellectual culture of British lawyers

One myth which needs to be taken with a considerable grain of salt is that the courts operated as vigilant protectors of liberty

Fourth Class Honors Degree, for which little was required except a modest ability to read and write

academic study of the law was as out of place in a university as plumbing

There was inevitably a conflict of interest between governing departments and the Foreign Office

when a Foreign Office lawyer, Vincent Evans, was flown to Geneva in 1974 to look after human rights in negotiations then underway there, he had never previously heard of the expression

A W Brian Simpson