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Archive of IHS Greater China Newsletters

23 Jan ’23 – The English version of the von Freiberg biography by Robert Freund, which was announced here a year ago, has now been published. At this moment, it’s only available from Mr Freund himself, whom you may write to via the Society’s website. We’re working with the author to add more distribution channels.

2022 also saw in print the first fruits of Peter Holmes (Middlesex), who led the brass team at the EU’s Music Archaeology Project: Horns and Trumpets of the European Iron Age. And for those who might be interested in this regional phenomenon, McGill’s Roman-Vincent Golovanov has written a dissertation on the ‘Russian horn orchestra’.


13 Dec ’21 – An English edition of the von Freiberg biography by IHS member Robert Freund is under preparation. It is hoped that an electronic or open-access version of it will be made available in due course.


4 May ’21 – These newsletters will highlight the latest research that is of interest to horn players in the area, to complement notices in the book review section of The Horn Call. The most substantial publication this year to do with the horn is The Science of Brass Instruments from Springer, written by a trio of Scottish and French scholars. The book is available for download through the database Springer Nature eBooks, which your local municipal library will most likely have a subscription to. July will see IHS member Jeffrey Snedeker’s first book coming out from Routledge: Horn Teaching at the Paris Conservatoire, 1792 to 1903.